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NAR has created multiple resources to explain the proposed settlement and what comes next. You can find their resources here. NAR will also be updating their page as information becomes available. 


video updates

Settlement Briefing | March 22, 2024

A settlement briefing from NAR President Kevin Sears and Chief Legal Officer Katie Johnson.

Kevin Sears: Discussing Key Settlement Considerations and Ongoing Advocacy Efforts On the Road | March 21, 2024

NAR President Kevin Sears shares an update on the association’s settlement agreement to resolve home seller litigation and highlights NAR’s ongoing work to advocate for members and consumers.

Litigation Update | March 15, 2024

NAR President Kevin Sears and Chief Legal Officer Katie Johnson discuss how NAR’s resolution provides a path forward for the industry and helps ensure consumer choice.


Nar settles: what this means for delaware online session

DAR hosted an online session on Monday, March 25  to discuss the settlement and the implications for Delaware real estate. A recording of the session can be viewed below. A FAQ document from questions asked during the session will be available soon.

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