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First-Time Homebuyer’s Credit Information

The First Time Home Buyers Credit provides some relief to first-time homebuyers by reducing the buyer’s portion of the state transfer tax by one-half of the one percent increase levied in 2017 by the General Assembly. A cap on the purchase price is set at $400,000, and the maximum credit that can be claimed is $2,000. First-time homebuyers who paid the full tax after August 1, 2017, can apply for a refund.
To qualify as a first-time buyer, individuals must have no record of owning a direct, legal interest in residential real estate. In addition, all first-time buyers must intend to occupy the property as their principal residence

Information on credit qualifications, FAQs, and forms can be found here. Also on that page is the number for Taxpayer Assistance.

Unlawful Language in Deeds

Did you know the deed to your property could have unlawful racist language? Did you know you could have that removed?

Does your property deed or civic association governing documents have unlawful racist language? You may want to take a look because it can be removed. While the racist language has been deemed illegal for decades, in 2018, Governor Carney signed into law Senate Bill 243 which simplified the process by which property owners and civic association can remove illegal language. Click here for more information.