State Political Coordinator Program

Help Protect the Rights of Delaware Property Owners and Support Delaware’s Real Estate Industry


The Delaware Association of REALTORS® (DAR) pairs members of the Delaware General Assembly with REALTOR® constituants (State Political Coordinators). These State Political Coordinators (SPCs) are responsible for maintaining a good relationship with their legislator and communicating with them on DAR’s public policy positions. Each SPC will play a key role in ensuring that members of the General Assembly are informed of issues important to our members as well as current and future property owners in Delaware. As a DAR SPC, you’ll be part of effecting positive change in our state.

KEY responsibilities

  • Serve a 2-year term (EXCEPTION: 2020 State Political Coordinators will serve 3-year term).
  • Advocate in support of DAR’s public policy positions, setting aside all personal views and opinions and working toward the success of REALTOR® issues.
  • Build, grow, and maintain great relationships with your assigned legislator.
  • Contact your assigned legislator at least three times a year and complete a field report every time you contact a legislator.
  • Respond to all Calls for Action and encourage other REALTORS® to respond.
  • Attend DAR legislative events and lead a meeting with your legislator as part of DAR’s Annual Legislative Action Day.
  • Participate in and complete the required training.
  • Attend quarterly SPC meetings.
  • Develop a contact team of at least three other REALTOR® constituents of your legislator.


If you would like to help protect the rights of Delaware property owners and support Delaware’s Real Estate industry.