Join us at the Delaware Real Estate Summit 2024, presented by the Delaware Association of REALTORS® and the Home Builders Association of Delaware! On October 2, 2024, at Bally’s Resort and Casino in Dover, immerse yourself in the past, present, and future of Delaware’s real estate market. This comprehensive summit offers valuable insights for real estate enthusiasts, investors, and professionals, featuring discussions on historical property preservation, current market trends, and future plans from developers and legislators. Connect with industry leaders, participate in engaging discussions, and enhance your knowledge for just $20 per person.

Continental Breakfast 


Wesley T. Stefanick, Chief Executive Officer, Delaware Association of REALTORS®
Katie Gillis, Executive Officer, Home Builders Association of Delaware 

Governor’s Welcome (Invited) 
Hon. John Carney, Governor, State of Delaware


Taking Stock: Is There Historical Property to Preserve?
Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs 

Dust off your time machine: Is Delaware’s past a relic or an opportunity? Let’s crack open the treasure chest of Delaware’s historic properties and see if there’s gold or just cobwebs inside. Are these dusty landmarks just taking up space, or do they hold secrets worth fighting for? Is preserving this past a waste, or a win for the future? 

Historic Property Marketplace 

Step back in time, but keep one foot in the present! Discover hidden gems in the world of historic properties. Is it a dream renovation or a budget nightmare? This session explores the realities of owning and reviving these architectural treasures. You’ll unveil hidden costs, navigate code complexities, and gain insights to make informed decisions before taking the plunge. 

Delaware’s Historic Properties: Protecting for Future Generations
Delaware State Historic Preservation Office 

Get paid to preserve: Unleashing the financial potential of historic properties: Unlock Delaware’s tax credits and grant programs, making historic preservation a savvy investment. 

Past Panel
All speakers from this section will take questions in a panel discussion.


We Need Supply First: Local Economic Impacts of Home Building
Mike Riemann, President, Home Builders Association of Delaware 

With fresh stats, the Builders make their case. The state needs supply, Delaware must come together to make it a reality. 

Home Buying: Just the Stats and Trends 
Dr. Lisa Sturtevant, Bright MLS (Multiple Listing Service) 

Understanding the numbers is our first step in understanding the current state of the real estate marketplace. Here we’ll understand what’s happening in the rental, residential, commercial, industrial, and resort marketplaces.  

Residential Home Buyer Market Realities: What’s It Really Like Out There 
George Thomasson, President, Delaware Association of REALTORS® 
Deborah Harris, President, New Castle County Board of REALTORS®
Sandi Unkrur, President, Kent County Association of REALTORS®
Adriane Gallagher, President, Sussex County Association of REALTORS® 

Moderated by Delaware Association of REALTORS® President George Thomasson, this session will explore the markets of each county and what buyers and sellers are currently facing.  

Rental Properties: Why Is There a Target On Them?
Debra Burgos, Delaware Apartment Association 

Discover the challenges rental property owners face in today’s complex real estate landscape, from regulatory changes to market dynamics. Learn valuable strategies from industry experts to navigate these pressures and succeed in the evolving rental market. 

Affordability: Yikes! Can Anyone Really Buy Anymore?  

Dive into the pressing issue of housing affordability and uncover the factors making homeownership increasingly elusive. Explore the realities of the landscape with potential solutions to this growing challenge.

Commercial and Industrial Real Estate: Practical Insights and Industry Knowledge 
Cindy Fleming, President, Commercial-Industrial Realty Council

Gain invaluable practical insights and essential industry knowledge in Delaware’s dynamic commercial and industrial real estate sector. 

Delaware’s Housing Incentives: Exploring a Few Opportunities 

Discover the financial benefits of the Delaware State Housing Authority’s housing incentive programs, including tax credits and grants. Learn how these opportunities can make homeownership and property investment more accessible and profitable. 

Buying In Today’s World? Is Capital Accessible? A Panel Discussion on Financing 
Delaware Mortgage Bankers Association  

Join our expert panel as they discuss the accessibility of capital in today’s real estate market. Explore financing options, lending trends, and strategies to secure funding for home purchases and investments. Gain valuable insights to navigate the complexities of real estate financing in the current economic climate. 

Present Panel 

All speakers from this section will take questions in a panel discussion. 



What’s the State Planning? 

Discover the future of Delaware’s real estate landscape as state planners discuss upcoming initiatives and strategic developments. Learn how these plans will shape the housing market and infrastructure in the years to come. 

What are Developers Planning? 

Get an inside look at future projects and developments from top industry developers. Learn about upcoming real estate ventures that will transform Delaware’s housing and commercial landscape. 

What’s the Legislature Seeking? 

Explore the legislative priorities and initiatives that will impact Delaware’s real estate market. Hear directly from legislators about their goals and the potential changes on the horizon. 

Who’s Coming to Delaware Anyway? 
Delaware Prosperity Partnership 

Discover the key demographics and businesses that are moving to Delaware. Learn about the factors driving this influx and what it means for the state’s real estate market and economic growth. 

Future Panel 

All speakers from this section will take questions in a panel discussion. 

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