our value proposition

As a chartered state association within the National Association of REALTORS®, our respected REALTOR® organization assumes a pivotal role in shaping public policy, steadfastly upholding ethical standards in real estate practice, and proactively contributing to the advancement of homeownership, safeguarding private property rights, and fostering the growth of the real estate industry in Delaware.

Our Vision 

DAR is Delaware’s trusted voice for real estate and premier advocate for private property rights. 

Our Mission 

DAR unites local, state, and national association resources to enhance the professionalism and relevance of Delaware REALTORS®, promoting their role in creating vibrant communities, and safeguarding private property rights. 

As a valued member of the Delaware Association of REALTORS®, you gain exclusive access to a dynamic community of industry leaders, cutting-edge resources, and unparalleled opportunities: 

Advocacy and Representation: DAR advocates for the interests of REALTORS® at the state level. We monitor and influence legislation and regulations that impact the real estate industry. By doing so, we help protect the rights and interests of real estate professionals. 

Professional Development: DAR often offers educational programs like our annual convention, seminars, and workshops to help REALTORS® stay informed about changes in laws, regulations, and industry trends. This helps members enhance their skills, stay competitive, and meet continuing education requirements. 

Networking Opportunities: DAR provides a platform for members to connect with other professionals in the industry. Networking events and meetings allow members to exchange ideas, build relationships, and potentially generate business referrals. 

Access to Resources: DAR provides members with access to a variety of resources, including market reports, standard forms, and research materials. These resources can help REALTORS® stay current with market trends and better serve their clients. 

Code of Ethics Enforcement: DAR enforces the Code of Ethics that members are required to follow. This helps maintain high professional standards within the industry and fosters trust among clients. 

Insurance and Benefits: DAR offers insurance plans and other member benefits, such as access to liability insurance, travel deals, and other business-related services, which can potentially save members money. 

Community Involvement: DAR often encourages and supports community involvement among our members. Participating in community events and projects not only benefits the community but can also enhance the visibility and reputation of individual REALTORS®. DAR supports organizations and events that closely match our mission. 

Information and News Updates: DAR keep members informed about industry news, market updates, and changes in law and regulations. This helps REALTORS® adapt to evolving market conditions and provide better service to their clients.