Tuesday, October 5

9 AM

Mod 2: The Three C’s: Cooperation, Compensation, and the Code of Ethics 

Diane Disbrow

Go back in time and learn the background and history of the NAR Code of Ethics and how the Code of Ethics effects the way you do business in today’s world. 

Mod 4: How Technology Has Impacted the Real Estate Business  

Ruth Vella

Review the everchanging tides of technology in real estate and what new technology will affect the way you do business in the future. 

Mod 3: 50 Shades of Contracts

Barbara Brodoway

Look at the Agreement of Sale in a technical sense, learn what certain language really means, and how adding your own language could impact the Agreement of Sale. 

1 PM

Mod 1: Everyday Practices in Agency

Stephen Marcus

This classic Module 1 course will touch on Agency, what it is and why it’s important. It will also review Fair Housing, it’s history, and why it’s important for REALTORS® to always use best practices when it comes to transactions and Fair Housing. 

Mod 5: Disclosures

Bill Ward

Review the different types of required disclosures, when a seller or REALTOR® is required to disclose, and best practices. 

Mod 7: Safety Course for Real Estate Professionals 

Walt Taraila

This course will outline basic safety and common-sense procedures for protection of the real estate professional and their clients.

Wednesday, October 6

9 AM – COntinuing Education

Mod 5: DNREC Drainage, Wells, and Septics

Brittany Haywood

Attendees will become familiar with Delaware’s tax ditch systems, DNREC’s private drainage assistance, Subaqueous Lands leases and the Recorder of Deeds/lease transfer process, and wells and septic systems permitting and issues.

Mod 7: Working with Financially Distressed Homeowners in a Post-COVID World: Bill & Denise McCormick

This course gives attendees the knowledge and expertise to assist homeowners who have been financially impacted by the Corona Virus and homeowners who are struggling financially for other reasons. It will provide a detailed overview on the CARES Act mortgage forbearance program, CDC eviction ban, and the resulting impact on local homeowners and landlords. It also enables attendees to understand the options available to homeowners who are not able to pay their mortgage debt and the options they have to avoid foreclosure. Lastly, this course provides attendees with an overview on the benefits of a short sale as a viable option to avoid foreclosure minimizing the negative credit score impact, resulting in the settlement of all mortgage debt, and providing tax relief on forgiven debt.

Mod 1: Agency & Fair Housing

Meaghan Hudson

This course his classic Module 1 course will touch on Agency, what it is, and why it’s important. This course will also review Fair Housing, its history and why it’s important for REALTORS® to always use best practices when it comes to transactions and Fair Housing.

1 PM

Mod 2: Ethics: Let’s Get It Right 

Ruth Vella

This course will help licensees make the best decision when facing legal, moral, or ethical dilemmas. The general objective is to identify the ethical issues, problems and dilemmas facing real estate licensees and to apply a process for ethical decision making. 

Mod 6: Practice with Professionalism 

Stephen Marcus

Learn to manage risk in your business while also learning how to be professional in different scenarios as a real estate agent. 

Mod 4: Real Estate Jeopardy – Office Management 

Barbara Brodoway

In this fun and interactive session, attendees will play a game of Jeopardy while learning about the topics of real estate office management, deposits and deadlines, and changes to the Delaware Real Estate Commission’s Rules and Regulations. 

Thursday, October 7

9 AM

Mod 3: First-Time Homebuyers: Guiding a Buyer into a First Home
Nancy Law
This course breaks down first-time homebuying and will help agents guide their first-time homebuyers through a smooth transaction and combat issues that may arise during the buying process. 
Mod 6: A Primer on Property Management Working as Property Managers & Advertising Guidelines for Real Estate Professionals
Vincent M. White
Learn property management rules, tips, and tricks as well as a refresher on the updated marketing & advertising guidelines recently released by the Delaware Real Estate Commission. 
Mod 5: Legislative Update
Andy Taylor
DAR Legal Counsel Andy Taylor will update you on recent changes made in the Delaware Legislature that may impact your business moving forward. 

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